Veterans Affairs Aid & Attendance Program Eligibility Quick Look

We are happy to provide you with general information on the Veterans Aid & Attendance Program.   We have relationships with our local VA representatives that will help you and your family navigate the requirements of the program.    Basic requirements of the program follow:


  1. Age
    1. Veterans must be at least 65 or officially disabled if younger.
    2. Surviving Spouse
      1. Must have been married at time of Veteran’s death.
      2. Must be at least 65 or officially disabled if younger


  1. Service Time
    1. Must have served active duty for at least 90 days.
    2. Must have been active at least one day during a time of war.
      1. World War II – 12/7/1941-12/31/1946
      2. Korean War – 6/27/1950 – 1/31/1955
      3. Vietnam War – 8/5/1964 -5/7/1975
      4. Gulf War – 8/2/1990 – present.


  1. Medical Eligibility
    1. Must require help with one or more Activities of Daily Living
      1. Bathing, Dressing, Eating, Toileting, Transferring, etc.
      2. Blind
      3. Written confirmation from physician validating medical need


  1. Financial Requirements
    1. Income
      1. Countable Income – Actual Income less allowed expenses.
        1. Allowed Expenses include Medical Related Expenses and insurance premiums (including Medicare)
        2. SSI should be exclude from Countable Income.
        3. Veteran Only – $21,446 annual
        4. Veteran & Spouse – $25,448 annual.


  1. Assets
  1. Less than $80,000 for married vet and spouse/ $50,000 for Single Vet or Surviving Spouse
  2. Primary home and vehicle does not count toward amount.
  3. Not a hard limit, final determination considers Age, care expenses and life expectancy.
  4. No look back period on assets. (Legislation is proposed to have a three year look-back period.


  1. Benefit Amount
    1. Single Veteran – $1,788 per month.
    2. Surviving Spouse – $1,149 per month.
    3. Married Veteran – $2,120 per month.
    4. Veterans married to each other – $2,837 per month.
    5. Applicants should be prepared to wait 6-9 months to begin receiving their benefits – Once approved, benefits are paid retroactively in a lump sum to the claim effective date.


We are happy to discuss the VA Benefit with you and help direct you through the process if you think you or your loved one might be eligible.